PYP (Projects)

Below you will find links to and descriptions of all the assignments we use for our PBL project choices. 

Click on the individual assignment links to get the full instructions and printable worksheets.

Under 30 mins to complete
Classroom Vodcasts
Watch the assigned content videos
Vodcast Notes
Take notes on the sheets provided
Vodcast Quizzes
Pass the online quizzes with a 80% or better

Read the assigned chapters/lessons
Take chapter notes on the text
Pass a written quiz with an 80% or better
5 Point Assignments
Level 1
20-30 minutes to complete
A word from the unit is written vertically and then each letter is used to start each line of a descriptive poem.
Create a poem with rhyme to educate/illustrate informtion from the topic
 Create flash cards for key terms from the unit.
Create an advertisement for a product, seminar, service, etc. 
 Write a dialoge about how you would help a student in need.  Identify key concepts that would help the student from the unit.
 Create a witty bumper sticker about a specific topic. Recommended only for highly creative students.
 Describe two causes and two effects for a given situation related to the content of the unit.
list and define the voacab words for the unit.  Must use the words in a sentence as well
Search Engine
Look up and summarize 10 different websites as they relate to the content of the unit.  Create a rubric to measure each website and rate them.
Make a memory game matching terms eith definitions.
 Answer a series of thought-provoking analysis questions about a photograph or piece of art.
10 Point Assignments
Level 2
45 min - 1 hour to complete
 Create a 3-5 panel comic strip showing an event from a historical perspective.
Write up a situation in text messaging language including all appropriate abbreviations and smilies. Pretend you are directly involved in the event.
 Rewrite the lyrics to a song to make it about a historical period.
 Create a six-panel foldout brochure that highlights and informs about major and minor topics relatated to the unit 
 Write a letter to 3 people struggling with their life situation giving him or her advice on a problem using specific concepts from the unit.
Create a FlowChart that provides a "series" or "decisions/consequences" of a situation as it realtes to the unit
Snap Chat
Create a 5-10 slide series of snap chat photos to communicate a concept from the unit
Action Plan
Create a plan on how you can personally implement strategies from the unit into your life.
20 Point Assignments
Level 3
90 minutes to complete
 Make your own worksheets using terms/information from the current unit.
 Create a children's book about a given topic.
newsletter Article
Write a newsletter article for parents educating them about the importance of a topic(s) in the unit.
Write a Blog on a particular issue or topic from the unit
Tweet, Tweet
Create a series of #Tweets raising questions for discussion concerning issues or topics from the unit.  #whatshouldido?
Clip art story
Create a story using clip art pictures to communicate about the topic
Write a song that communicates a key concept or issue.
 Slideshow Presentation
 Create a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation on a topic.
Create a 25 question Quiz using 4 different types of test questioning.  Create the quiz and answer key.
Create an artistic poster that that serves as a visual representation of a main point/topic/concept of the unit.
Using glogster or another web tool, create a poster that serves as a visual representation of a main point/topic/concept of the unit.
40 Point Assignments
Level 4
Can take up to 2-4 hours to complete.
Create an alphabet picture book for 26 key terms each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. If you ask nicely I might let you skip 2 of the tougher letters. 
Create a board game using health information from the unit. Be creative and follow directions carefully. 
Radio Podcast/Talk show
Record a 5 min "on-Air" talk radio/call in show with guests & questions related to the unit topic
PSA Clip
Create a 2-4 min Public Service Announcement video clip educating the public on a specific issue.  Should be catchy and simple but captures the bigger picture of the unit.
Informational Video/ Vodcast
Create an informational video about the topic or issue within the unit


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  2. Thanks for making your curriculum available online! I hope you don't mind if I use some of these PBL Health ideas with my students in Hawaii!
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  3. I love some of your ideas for PYP. Do you use rubrics when grading your projects?