Adventure PE

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Password = Period 3 pswd = adventure3
                    Period 7 pswd = adventure7
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====== Canoeing ======     
   Parts of a Canoe
   Canoe Study Guide
   Canoe Strokes Study Guide
   Canoeing Skills Video Playlist

                  Canoeing Quiz
   Canoe Trip Parent Slip & Info

   Sweet Minihaha website

======   Orienteering/Geocaching ======
          Compass 101

          Intro to Geocaching I
          Intro to Geocaching II
          Intro to Geocaching III
              Geocaching Basics and Introduction
              Urban Geocaches
          Geocaching Ettiquette
          Creative Geocaches

              Using C:GEO
             Orienteering/Geocaching Quiz

====== Wilderness Skills ======

      Fire Video 

      Edible Plants Video

        Fire Starting & Edible Plants Notes Sheet

            Fire Starting Quiz

            Edible Plants Quiz

    Outdoor Cooking Project Sheet

===== High Ropes Course =====

  Trip Information & Parent Slip

  Health History Form (Bethel Horizons)

  Release/Waiver Form (Bethel Horizons)

  Bethel Horizons Website

====== Knots/Climbing ======

   Knot Tying Playlist

  Boulder's Permission Slip

  Boulders Climbing Gym Waiver Forms   (18/Adult)  (Under 18/Minor)

  Boulder's Climbing Gym Website

====== Trampoline Park ======

Rockin' Jump Parent Slip & Info

Rockin' Jump Liability/Waiver

Rockin' Jump Website
====== Downhill Skiing ======

  Trip Information & Parent Slip

  Skiing Waiver (Cascade Mountain)

  Cascade Mountain Website

====== Final Assesments ======

     Adventure PE CBA  

     Adventure PE Class Evaluation